Employment Opportunities in Braxton County Schools

Braxton County Schools only accepts applications and bids electronically for all jobs through the state wide job bank portal. To be considered for any position, bids must be received by the bid closing time on the last day of the posting period for the desired position. All bids are posted a minimum of five full business days.  No paper applications or bid sheets will be accepted. Applicants needing technical assistance may apply in person at the Board Office during normal business hours located at 98 Carter Braxton Drive, Sutton, WV 26601.

Applicants must have required certification or be pending with the West Virginia Department of Education at the closing of the bid. For more information call 304-765-7101.


To view and apply for professional and service personnel vacancies please click the link below. All professional and coaching applicants must submit a job-specific letter of intent and a current resume to be considered for the vacancy.