Operations (Transportation and Maintenance/Facilities)

School Buses: The Safest Form of Mass Transit in America


BCS Transportation is dedicated to safely transporting students to their future.

Activity Bus Schedule, Fall Sports, 2022

Bus Schedule 2022-2023

Inclement Weather Procedures


Comprehensive Education Facilities Plan ppt

A full copy of the CEFP plan may be requested at the Board of Education Office

BCS Facilities Use Agreement

All Braxton County schools are free from asbestos materials.

Dr. Brenda Hosaflook Wells - Director of Operations (Transportation and Maintenance/Facilities)

Phone: 304-765-7101, x 272
Fax: 304-765-7148
E-Mail: bwells@k12.wv.us

Lisa Brown - Executive Secretary

Phone: 304-765-7101, x 448
E-Mail:  lsbrown@k12.wv.us

Richard King - Chief Mechanic

Phone 304-765-5637
E-Mail: richard.king@k12.wv.us


Sherri Stump - Buyer/Van Driver/Maintenance Clerk/Inventory Supervisor

Phone 304-765-7101, x 235
E-Mail: sherri.stump@k12.wv.us